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Endeavors to Improve Quality

We contiunally endeavor to improve the "Quality of QUALICA"

Technical capbilities, Project management, Organizational capabilities

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The improve technical capabilities

Systematically educating employees based on an educational framework

 QUALICA has adopted skill improvement programs to suit the career and field of each employee in order to respond to the increasing complexity and level of advancement of system architecture.
The Education program is based on ITSS*1 and is structured to allow the systematic growth of engineers through short-term curricula together with education and training with an eye to the medium term.
Education is varied, including OJT*2 in everyday duties, strategic job assignments to a level above the current level of an employee and the use of a troubleshooting taskforce system.
Furthermore, we encourage the acquisition of various forms of public and vendor accreditation in order to objectively gauge the technical skill of each person.
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*1 ITSS:IT Skill Standard *2 OJT: On the Job Training

QUALICA's Education Framework
QUALICA's Education Framework

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The improve project managemment capabilities

Maximizing the strengths of individuals and teams in "Technical KI Plan"

As shown by the approach of "sharing knowledge is called being a team," our management style involves working as a team to combine knowledge and take action in order to address the problems faced by our customers and problems faced in project management.
In order to achieve this, we have adopted "Technical KI Plan"* since fiscal 2003.We are working to establish a work style that maximizes the knowledge available to and the action taken by individuals and teams based on the key concepts of “seeing” issues and plans, “divulging technology” in advance, “buzz meetings,” and “seeing/showing responsibility” between superior managers and projects.

*Technical KI Plan is an intellectual productivity improvement program from JMA Consultants Inc.

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The improve organizational capabilities

Eliminating the organizational structure reliant on individuals' qualifications and skills

QUALICA is conducting the standardization of business processes to ensure the quality of systems created is not significantly influenced by the qualifications and skills of individual employees.
The standardized content is managed as templates, and these ae utilized in proposal reviews, checking of basic operation of development and checking customer evaluation after delivery.
The company also obtained ISO9001 certification in 2001.

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